Will Tyron Woodley Return To The UFC?

The former Welterweight Champion has suffered consecutive boxing defeats to Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley has admitted he would be open to returning to the UFC

Tyron Woodley has expressed that he harbours no negative emotions regarding the conclusion of his UFC career. The former welterweight champion's fortunes have dwindled since his title reign from 2016 to early 2019, as evidenced by his six consecutive losses, commencing with his defeat to Kamaru Usman at UFC 235. Woodley's latest endeavors have included back-to-back losses in boxing matches against Jake Paul in 2021, while also serving as a judge on PFL's Challenger Series, responsible for determining which winners will advance to the regular season. Concurrently, he is exploring various options within the realm of combat sports.

“I’m a free agent and I’m enjoying my liberation. I’m enjoying doing what I want to do,” Woodley told BJ Penn.

“Fighting when I want to fight and fighting for the amount of money I want. I’m the only guy in this sport that can do that. I know some guys are just recently free agents but with the magnitude of what I’m doing right now, nobody is doing. To be the trailblazer and the one and only and be the first fighter that can go and box, kickbox, Muay Thai, I can do Bellator, ONE, PFL, or Glory. I can do my own s*** and make top dollar. I’m very thankful, very blessed.”

Tyron Woodley's involvement with PFL has spurred discussions of a potential fight for the former UFC champion. Woodley stated that he and PFL President Peter Murray would explore the possibility of PPV events before the conclusion of the Challenger Series. In 2023, the promotion plans to host two events outside of the typical season format as part of its new foray into the PPV market.

Despite leaving the UFC on a losing streak and feeling that he wasn't treated equitably as a champion, Woodley doesn't rule out the chance of returning to the UFC.

“I have no door closed,” Woodley said. “I’m a businessman, I can fight in any business I want to. I can fight in any organization I want to. ONE, Bellator, Glory, PFL, UFC. I don’t get my feelings hurt in business. I don’t have to invite you to my daughter’s birthday as long as the check clears.”


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