UK politicians use metaverse avatars as they share Web3 roadmap


A delegation of British politicians ventured into the metaverse to address leaders from 51 nations to present the United Kingdom's vision for the blockchain and Web3 industries.

During this metaverse gathering, a distinguished group of eight British Lords and politicians engaged with global leaders, discussing the opportunities and challenges posed by the burgeoning Web3 technology.

Natalie Elphicke, a Member of Parliament and the chair of the newly formed All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Blockchain Technologies, made a striking appearance in the metaverse as her unique avatar. Here, she emphasized the transformative nature of Web3:

"Web3 represents a paradigm shift that reimagines the very fabric of the internet."

In her keynote address, Elphicke highlighted the potential for the UK to evolve into a blockchain-powered "smart country." However, she also acknowledged that the nation was falling behind its competitors in securing jobs related to blockchain.

The top national priority for the UK, she asserted, should be the growth of the Web3 industry and strategic workforce planning. Elphicke added:

"Part of that is about making the UK an attractive hub for Web3 founders, developers, programmers, and companies to work here."

She called for the development of more national blockchain roadmaps and stressed the importance of international collaboration in this domain, noting that fewer than 12 countries had published such roadmaps thus far.

Another key focus was advancing the National Blockchain Roadmap, which was unveiled in 2021. This roadmap outlines an ambitious goal to create a blockchain-based "digital nation," with applications ranging from climate mitigation to digital identity programs and industrial symbiosis networks.

Elphicke also touched on the subject of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), acknowledging its unique challenges and opportunities for regulators and policymakers. She emphasized the need for transparency, auditability, and accountability within DeFi ecosystems.

Real-world asset tokenization was another area of interest. Elphicke stated, "It is unquestionable that our world is being tokenized," emphasizing that physical assets are increasingly being tokenized, and this trend is poised for substantial growth.

This groundbreaking event happened the day after the passing of the Online Safety Bill, designed to regulate specific internet services in the UK.


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