UFC Paris: Ciryl Gane's Quest for Redemption in Heavyweight Bout


As the anticipation builds for UFC Paris, Ciryl Gane has set the tone with a resounding message: he's still very much in the game and is determined to make his mark on the heavyweight division. The spotlight will be on Gane (11-2 MMA, 8-2 UFC) as he seeks redemption from his recent quick submission loss to Jon Jones. His path to redemption leads him to a showdown against Serghei Spivac (16-3 MMA, 7-3 UFC) in the main event of UFC Fight Night 226, set to take place at the prestigious Accor Arena in Paris. Fans can catch all the action through the ESPN+ live stream.

Dubbed "Bon Gamin," Gane finds himself in unfamiliar territory having suffered two losses in his last three outings. However, the setback has only fueled his determination to reclaim his former glory. Tom Aspinall is the contender waiting in the wings, but Gane's aspirations reach far beyond a single opponent.

Speaking during the media day for UFC Fight Night 226, Gane shared his perspective, "The better way for me, no, it’s not this way. The better way for me is to do exactly what we did the last years – to put a big message this Saturday, and the message is: ‘I’m still here, I want to go back to the belt.’ This is the better way, shorter way to go to the belt.”

Gane's journey in the UFC has been nothing short of meteoric. Despite entering the promotion with just a 3-0 record, he rapidly ascended to claim the interim heavyweight title. Yet, recent challenges have necessitated a rebuilding phase. Gane acknowledges the allure of capitalizing on his success to enhance his brand, but now is the time to block out distractions and recommit to rigorous training.

He reflected, "All of my career, I was in a rush. I started MMA in 2018 and I did my first fight just after six months. Since this fight, I was already in a rush until today. So, yes, I want to take my time now. I want to take my time at the gym... But I’m going to find some time without all of the things you have around the training and the gym. So, I don’t need to take my time in between two fights, I need more time. No, it’s about that. I need to manage my schedule without all the things you have around the fight, and like that, we’re going to have time.”

France's own Ciryl Gane is poised to capture the spotlight at UFC Paris as he squares off against Serghei Spivac. Michael Bisping, a former UFC fighter, has offered insights into how Gane can secure victory against his formidable opponent. Bisping emphasized the challenge Spivac poses as a "dangerous opponent" in the heavyweight clash.

With Gane ranked second and Spivac seventh in the division, this highly anticipated bout promises to deliver fireworks for the home crowd. Bisping's analysis highlights Spivac's evolving skill set and physical dominance, making him a genuine threat to Gane. Stylistically, Gane must tread carefully against this dangerous adversary.

Bisping outlined Gane's path to triumph, saying, “I’m hoping to see an improved version of Ciryl, he’s going to have to stop the take-downs. If he can keep the fight on the feet – he’s one of the best on his feet, he’s so fast, so agile, so mobile, his kick-boxing is beautiful to watch - he’s got a massive advantage there. But if Spivac can get his hands on him then we have got a completely different fight on our hands.”

UFC expert Nick Peet mirrored Bisping's sentiments about the challenges posed by Spivac. “A resurgent Spivac is just the type of guy to spoil the party,” Peet cautioned, emphasizing the unpredictability of the heavyweight clash.

As the countdown to UFC Paris continues, all eyes are on Ciryl Gane's journey to regain his momentum and set himself firmly on the path to heavyweight gold. The stage is set for a captivating clash that could redefine the landscape of the division.


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