Topps create alternate reality with Tom Brady ad


Tom Brady, a future first-ballot NFL Hall of Famer, could have become a Canadian icon had he pursued a career in baseball with the Montreal Expos. The former quarterback instead pursued a career in American Football, but sports collectibles manufacturer Topps have played out an alternative narrative in a new ad campaign.

While the now-defunct Expos left Montreal nearly 20 years ago, a whimsical alternate reality presented by Topps envisions Brady hitting nearly 600 home runs, convincing baseball legends like Larry Walker and Vladimir Guerrero Sr. to stay, and even luring ace Pedro Martinez to join the team.

The ad portrays Brady as the face of automotive campaigns, being celebrated with his own brand of poutine, making a historic baseball comeback, and winning multiple MVPs and World Series titles.

Though the Expos' rumoured return to MLB remains uncertain, this dream scenario serves as imaginative fan fuel.

Both the spot and the commercial-in-commercial were produced by Topps and Flower Shop, adding an extra layer to the baseball card promotion. Mitchell & Ness, a Fanatics-owned apparel shop, took it a step further by selling a $300 retro No. 12 Montreal Expos jersey.


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