Terence Crawford: The New King of Boxing


Las Vegas witnessed a legendary night of boxing as Terence Crawford delivered a masterclass performance to claim the undisputed welterweight title with a dominant beatdown of Errol Spence. The long-awaited unification bout between these two undefeated American stars finally materialized, and it was worth the wait for fight fans around the globe.

From the opening bell, it was evident that Crawford had come to make a statement. He wasted no time in asserting his dominance, landing crisp and powerful shots while displaying remarkable footwork and ring generalship. Spence, known for his come-forward approach and methodical southpaw jab, found himself on the receiving end of Crawford's crisp & precise jab & combinations.

In the second round, Crawford landed a devastating right hook that sent Spence to the canvas, shocking the sold-out crowd of 19,990 at the T-Mobile Arena. Spence showed immense heart and determination as he got back on his feet, but the writing was on the wall – Crawford meant business.

As the rounds progressed, Crawford's dynamic style confounded Spence, leaving him struggling to find answers to the onslaught of punches. Crawford's power and precision were on full display, as he found a home for his shots, both to the head and body. Spence's face bore the evidence of Crawford's relentless assault, with blood and swelling becoming increasingly evident.

The fifth and sixth rounds proved to be a punishing stretch for Spence, with Crawford landing an array of shots that rocked the welterweight champion. Spence, known for his durability, tried to fight back, but Crawford's defense and counter-punching were immaculate, making it difficult for Spence to land anything significant.

In the seventh round, Crawford sent Spence to the canvas once again with a blistering combination, leaving the Texan champion visibly hurt. Spence showed incredible resilience to survive the round, but the end seemed inevitable.

By the ninth round, Spence's face was a mask of punishment, and Crawford was ready to close the show. With a ruthless flurry of punches, Crawford battered Spence, leaving him defenseless and teetering on rubbery legs. Referee Harvey Dock had seen enough and waved off the contest, putting an end to Spence's valiant effort.

Crawford's victory marked a historic achievement, making him the first fighter to hold all recognized world titles at welterweight since Lloyd Honeyghan in 1986. His record now stands at an impeccable 40-0, with an impressive 31 knockouts.

"I'm an overachiever," Crawford said in his post-fight interview. "Nobody believed in me when I was coming up, but I made everybody a believer. I want to thank Spence and his team because without him, none of this would have been possible."

Spence, gracious in defeat, acknowledged Crawford's brilliance, saying, "He was just better tonight. He was using the jab, and his timing was just on point. I wasn't surprised by his speed or accuracy. It was everything I thought."

The fight lived up to its billing as the best boxing could offer, and it solidified Crawford's claim as the world's best fighter, regardless of weight class. His 11 straight knockout victories, including all eight opponents he faced since moving up to the welterweight division, have put the boxing world on notice.

As the dust settles, boxing fans are left with anticipation and excitement for what's next in Terence Crawford's illustrious career. With a two-way rematch clause in the contract, the possibility of a sequel between Crawford and Spence looms on the horizon. Whether it happens at 147 lbs or 154 lbs, fight aficionados eagerly await another showdown between these two elite welterweights.

For now, Terence Crawford stands tall as the undisputed welterweight champion, a pugilistic virtuoso who continues to rewrite the history books with his exceptional skills and unmatched determination. Boxing has found its undisputed king, and Terence Crawford's reign shows no signs of slowing down.


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