RTFKT x Ledger Unveil Partnership at NFT Paris

The collaboration between RTFKT and Ledger commenced with a physical release of a special all-white custom edition of the Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano X

Ledger & RTFKT announce partnership at NFT Paris

A new series of educational programs and collaborative drops has been launched by the Web3 security leader, Ledger, in partnership with the innovative luxury brand, RTFKT.

During the NFT Paris event, RTFKT was named a flagship partner and announced a partnership with Ledger. The RTFKT x Ledger collection was unveiled, and the goal of the partnership is to make self-custody more accessible to the public through physical and digital products as well as educational resources.

Sébastien Badault, Ledger's VP of Metaverse, discussed the collaboration during a keynote presentation, signalling the beginning of their joint efforts. Together, they aim to develop a comprehensive approach to safety that is critical in today's high-end collector market.

RTFKT stressed the importance of education in securing digital assets safely and emphasized their commitment to providing the necessary education and tools to their growing audience. As a leader in digital on-chain artefacts and phygital fashion, RTFKT is well-positioned to provide education, while Ledger, with its leading security approach in Web3, facilitates the partnership by providing the required information.

The collaboration between RTFKT and Ledger commenced with a physical release of a special all-white custom edition of the Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano X, which could be purchased as an NFT and redeemed for the physical item.

Following this limited drop, the partnership produced additional collaborations, each featuring RTFKT Quests that showcased the physical and digital aspects of the collaboration while highlighting the role hardware plays in security.

Owners of RTFKT and Ledger Genesis now have access to a limited edition Nano-case accessory in the form of a super rare silver pendant with the RTFKT logo on the end caps, which comes with a Nano X. This exclusive item is available on [ L ] Market for Clone X and Genesis Pass Holders, further emphasising the importance of hardware in secure self-custody.

Although the conversation began with advancements in native digital technology, the resulting products combine the physical and digital worlds, demonstrating a natural integration of emerging art and tech with existing technology. By allowing items to be purchased as digital collectibles and redeemed as physical items, the partnership effectively closes the gap between the two.

The partnership between RTFKT and Ledger offers more than just products, as they have implemented an integrated experience to add value for collectors. Every item sold on [ L ] Market from the RTFKT Collection comes with RTFKT's unique educational approach, explaining how to create and use a cold wallet to navigate the Web3 space safely.

Moving forward, RTFKT will introduce new and carefully curated niche items to [ L ] Market, establishing the platform as the premier destination for innovative and high-end phygital collectibles. By gamifying the learning process, education becomes both accessible and enjoyable, making it easier for collectors to secure their digital assets. RTFKT and Ledger are leading the way in this area, emphasising the importance of education and preventative tools for safe and secure self-custody.

In conclusion, the partnership between RTFKT and Ledger represents an exciting development in the Web3 world. Combining luxury, technology, and security expertise, they provide collectors with a secure and enjoyable experience.


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