How Peter McCormack is turning an unknown town into a Bitcoin hub.


Famed What Bitcoin Did podcast host, Peter McCormack, acquired Real Bedford Football Club in 2021 amidst the height of the Bitcoin bull trend.

Despite the doubts expressed by many, McCormack envisaged a chance to rejuvenate a football club and encourage the uptake of Bitcoin in his local area. Fast forward two years and Real Bedford F.C. has earned a promotion, landed impressive sponsorships, and drawn a large following of fans both domestically and globally.

A video representation shows the club's vibrant orange uniforms emblazoned with the Bitcoin logo, signalling its strong ties with the top-ranking digital currency. Before the commencement of each match, gatherings focusing on Bitcoin are arranged, with key individuals from the Bitcoin sphere in attendance.

The unique tactics employed by the manager have ignited both intrigue and scepticism, with certain locals questioning the prominence of Bitcoin branding and what that means for them. In an effort to gauge the club's impact on the community, Hall conducted street interviews and chats by the pitch with locals. While some were aware of the club's Bitcoin-centric transition, others were unfamiliar with McCormack. The general consensus, however, was not entirely positive.

Yet, McCormack has plans to clear up misconceptions and foster wider acceptance of Bitcoin via the football club. He doesn't plan to impose the digital currency onto residents but rather, leverages the team as a stealthy way to gradually familiarise them with Bitcoin. The club's website even hosts a post titled "Why you shouldn't buy Bitcoin," underscoring the significance of learning and making informed investment decisions.

While Real Bedford is a Bitcoin-exclusive club, McCormack understands the appeal of alternate cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related initiatives: “Were I to endorse a low-value cryptocurrency, I could amass a billion, and potentially elevate this club to Premier League status within nine years due to the financial capability. I could construct a £200 million stadium if I promoted a low-value coin. The temptation is real.”

Still, McCormack remains loyal to Bitcoin's fundamental values. He is optimistic that with dedication and the backing of the Bitcoin community, Real Bedford has the potential to ascend to the Premier League during the 2030s.

The Real Bedford documentary will present the team's journey via interviews with Jeff Booth, Ben Arc, fans and locals, highlighting Bitcoin's transformative influence in sports and community contexts.

With the UK government displaying an increasing interest in central bank digital currencies — despite caution from the Bitcoin community — Bitcoin's position in the country might be in jeopardy. In this evolving landscape, Real Bedford is steadily becoming a lighthouse for Bitcoin adoption in the United Kingdom.

Ultimately, borrowing from Barcelona's tagline, Real Bedford is "mes que un club" or "more than a club." It's a testament to determination, defiance and a tangible demonstration of how Bitcoin can uplift regions.


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