Gucci & Auction House Christie’s team up on generative art, AI, and NFTs


Gucci is embracing its artistic heritage even further with its latest venture, "Future Frequencies: Explorations in Generative Art and Fashion." This initiative combines high fashion and contemporary art through the use of generative art and artificial intelligence (AI).

Running from June 18 to 25, the luxury brand commissioned 21 artworks from several Web3-native creatives to be sold as NFTs at the prestigious auction house, Christie’s. Notable artists participating in the project include Claire Silver, Emi Kusano, Tyler Hobbs, Minne Atairu, and the digital couture fashion platform, Draup. Additionally, an exhibition of the physical artworks is being held at Christie's Rockefeller Center in New York.

Gucci's website explains that each artist was tasked with merging different ecosystems, juxtaposing the industrial realm of garment design and production with the realms of generative art and AI.

Bids for the NFTs range from $1,800 to $417,000. The auction is hosted on Christie’s 3.0, the auction house's dedicated Web3 platform launched in September the previous year, ensuring transparency and blockchain-based record-keeping for all transactions.

The event is also presented through Gucci's Vault Art Space, a gallery and marketplace established by the brand to empower contemporary creatives exploring the intersection of fashion, art, and technology.

Various artists utilised generative AI in different ways to create their artworks, with some using text-to-image-based generative AI and machine learning, while Draup employed a code-based generative art system to design its unique couture gown.

Gucci's strong association with the art world, evident through initiatives like Gucci Art Walls and its 'Artist In Residence' program, has positioned it as a pioneering cultural trailblazer beyond just being a fashion brand.

Generative AI, with its economic potential becoming increasingly evident, is projected to grow significantly, reaching a market value of $10.79 billion in 2022, and predicted to reach around $118 billion by 2032. Gucci's endorsement of AI in the art and fashion space may help dispel some scepticism and expand the possibilities of artistic expression in the digital realm.

Daniella Loftus, the founder of Draup, highlights the significance of Gucci's involvement in digital fashion, signalling its importance and influence within the fashion community, while also providing a stamp of approval for the qualities of the works and the entire digital/Web3 space from a traditional fashion perspective.


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