FTX Japan Withdrawals To Resume on February 21st.

From February 21, 2023, Japan-based users of the troubled exchange will be able to withdraw their assets

Withdrawals to return for FTX users in Japan

The announcement meets a promise made in December by the ring-fenced exchange.

On Monday, FTX Japan announced that it will resume withdrawal services for fiat and cryptocurrency assets starting at noon local time on February 21.

This announcement fulfils a commitment made by the exchange in December, as its assets in Japan were mostly restricted by local law.

“Due to the large number of requests from customers, it may take some time for the withdrawal process to be completed,” the company said in a statement. “We will announce the resumption of other FTX Japan services as soon as possible.”

On November 8, the Japanese exchange was closed a few days before the entire FTX filed for bankruptcy in the United States. As the estate tries to recover funds, the Japanese unit, along with FTX Europe, has been identified for an early sale.


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