Chiliz toasts record-breaking 2023...


SportFi market leaders Chiliz have celebrated a monumental 12 months by posting a number of statistics and achievements that have underpinned a record-breaking year in an annual report.

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, Chiliz has achieved significant milestones that solidified its leadership in the SportFi sector:

  1. Chiliz Chain Launch: Introduced its own Layer 1 blockchain, Chiliz Chain, enabling various SportFi applications like NFT minting, Fan Tokens, DeFi products, web3-ready ticketing, and more.

  2. Chiliz Labs Program: Established a $50M program to incubate and accelerate promising blockchain projects in the sports industry, including Blockasset.

  3. MatchWornShirt Stake: Acquired a 20% stake in MatchWornShirt, utilizing blockchain to verify the authenticity of sports collectibles.

  4. Diverse Partnerships: Collaborated with over 25 projects, including Blockasset, FanFest, LiveLike, Football at AlphaVerse, TopGoal Footballcraft, and Lillius, to create a dynamic SportFi ecosystem.

  5. One Shirt Pledge Campaign: Launched the One Shirt Pledge campaign with Common Goal, utilizing blockchain to authenticate match-worn shirts donated by athletes for charity auctions.

The app, part of the Chiliz ecosystem, experienced remarkable growth in 2023:

  1. User Increase: Witnessed a 30% increase in users across 160 countries.

  2. Club Additions: Welcomed major clubs like Tottenham Hotspur from the English Premier League to the platform.

  3. New Features: Introduced features such as Locker Room for unique digital collectibles and conducted over 3,000 Fan Polls, allowing fans to vote on various club aspects.

  4. Fan Rewards: Rewarded 50,000 fans with signed merch, match tickets, and VIP experiences.

Chiliz Chain demonstrated impressive performance in 2023:

  1. Transaction Volume: Recorded over 3 million transactions.

  2. Revenue Generation: Contributed $437 million in revenue to the sports industry.

Chiliz aims to sustain its growth and innovation in 2024, striving to make SportFi mainstream and benefiting both clubs and fans.


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