Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 10th October, 2023


We're thrilled to be back with our weekly newsletter after a short break. Your ongoing support means the world to us. This week's newsletter is filled with exciting updates, so let's dive into the latest developments from Blockasset!

Expanding to New Sports!

At Blockasset, we're committed to providing you more of what you love. We initially launched BlockSix for UFC, an endeavour that allowed us to tap into the enormous global fan base of the UFC, totaling approximately 625 million avid fight fans.

But our journey doesn't stop here; we're setting our sights higher. We've ventured into a new realm—football—and we've chosen two iconic leagues to start with: the Premier League and the Brazilian Série A.

Why Football? Why the Premier League and Brasil Série A?

Football is more than just a sport; it's a global phenomenon that unites millions worldwide.

The Premier League, with its staggering 4.7 billion-strong fan base, ranks as one of the most-watched football leagues worldwide. It's where legends are born, and fans share a true passion for the game. We've established a dedicated hub for Premier League enthusiasts on BlockSix.

Brazil's Série A, deeply entrenched in Brazilian culture, offers an exciting opportunity to connect with our rapidly growing South American community. Brazil is a treasure trove of football talent and a hub of sporting culture, making it the perfect place for BlockSix to flourish. With over 60 million football fans, many diving into the world of fantasy sports, Brazil is a hub of excitement.

The Brazilian betting market has witnessed remarkable growth, reaching R$ 9.8 billion (US$ 1.9 billion) in 2022, with projections of R$ 12.5 billion (US$ 2.4 billion) in 2023. Our free-to-play picks provide a unique entry point into this expanding market.

In our commitment to serving the Brazilian community, we've gone the extra mile by localising all our ads, promos, and videos in Portuguese. This effort has already yielded impressive results, with a 70% boost in conversion rates. It reflects our dedication to making BlockSix accessible and enjoyable for all.

With the addition of two exciting new leagues, your chances of winning have never been better!

Try your luck with this week's BlockSix games, for a chance to win a share of the $25,000 prize pool in $BLOCK for each game, making it a grand total of $75,000!

BlockSix Picks

Product Update


Our revamped store is now live & ready to provide you with an enhanced shopping experience. Here's a glimpse of what's available:

  • Web2 Shopping Experience: Easily purchase digital and physical items with crypto and fiat payment options.

  • Order Tracking: Keep an eye on your orders directly from the platform.

  • Community Connect: Stay engaged with the community, explore the connect feed, and see what fellow members are purchasing.

  • Shop by Athlete: Every athlete will have their dedicated profile on Blockasset, where you can shop for their exclusive digital & physical items.

  • Trending Items: Discover popular products in our 'trending items' section.

  • Shop by Collection: Dive into digital collections with dedicated profile pages for each collection.

  • List Your Digital Items for Sale: Directly list your digital items in the store.

  • Mobile-Friendly Experience: Effortlessly purchase items from your phone without the need for a wallet.

  • Access Chat While Browsing: Stay connected with the community while browsing the store on your desktop.

  • Streamlined Shopping Cart: Easily keep track of your shopping cart while exploring Connect.

  • Save Your Shipping Address: Simplify future orders by securely storing your shipping addresses.

  • Detailed Item Pages: Explore comprehensive information about the featured athlete and collection details when relevant, all with convenient links.

Please note that you won't yet be able to export any NFTs that are purchased by credit card just yet, but this feature will be added next week.

While our store isn't fully stocked yet, it's a robust foundation for us to integrate athletes and collaborate with brands to showcase their products and establish new partnerships.


The concept is to offer all MMA athletes and partners, including influencers and brands, the opportunity to have a profile on Blockasset, enabling them to list and sell their items on their respective profiles.

What we’re working on for Q4 2023:

  • Improvements to BlockSix picks, including leaderboards, pick history and more.

  • Improving our internal user data analysis, which will lead to improved user onboarding, experiences, communication and acquisition.

  • Building out search and notification features

  • Adding TikTok and YouTube for an improved social feed aggregation experience

  • Connect 2.0 - with status updates, comments, likes, sharing and an improved chat experience and better UX/UI.

Gaining Recognition from the Big Players!

Last week, the Blockasset team had the privilege of meeting with the UFC, the world's number one fighting organisation, in London, to discuss potential partnerships and collaborations for some of the exciting products Blockasset is working on.

This meeting highlights the growing recognition of Blockasset within the industry. It underscores our commitment to innovative work and the potential impact we can have on the world of sports and entertainment.

While we can't disclose all the details just yet, exciting developments are on the horizon. We're exploring possibilities that could reshape the future of sports engagement, and we look forward to sharing more as these discussions progress.

In Closing,

We sincerely thank our Blockasset community for your ongoing support. While navigating the dynamic crypto & sports landscapes can be challenging, your trust in us drives our progress. As we continue to build our platform, our focus now turns to user acquisition, ensuring that we continue growing and onboarding more sports enthusiasts on this journey. 

Stay tuned for more updates.