Blockasset - The Future of Sports Collectibles.


The world of sports collectibles is undergoing a paradigm shift, as digital collectibles emerge as a dominant force in the industry. With the rise of blockchain technology and the increasing demand for digital experiences, the era of physical sports memorabilia is gradually giving way to a new era of digital collectibles. Blockasset aims to be at the forefront of this shift, connecting sports fans, collectors and traders around the world as we build out a first of its kind platform and marketplace for sports collectors and traders, harnessing the power of web3 technology. With the upcoming Blockasset social platform just days away from being released aimed at improving our communities user experience within the platform, keeping users connected, and onboarding new users into the space, we explore the many benefits of digital collectibles over physical ones, highlighting their ease of online trading, enhanced durability, verifiable authenticity, and more.

Seamless Online Trading:

Arguably the most significant advantage of digital collectibles is the ease and convenience of online trading. Unlike physical collectibles, which require physical transportation and in-person transactions, digital collectibles can be easily traded online. Through digital marketplaces and platforms, collectors from around the world can connect, buy, sell, and trade their digital assets instantly, breaking down geographical barriers and expanding the reach of the market. Our v1 marketplace is live, but we aim to build a cross-chain marketplace to enable all sports collectibles to be traded in one place. The current user experience for digital sports collectors isn’t a good one. Different chains, platforms, marketplaces and wallets are needed. For a user entering the space this is undoubtedly overwhelming. We aim to fix this.

Preservation and Durability:

Physical collectibles are susceptible to damage, wear, and loss over time. On the other hand, digital collectibles exist in the virtual realm and are not subject to physical deterioration. Digital assets can be preserved in their original condition indefinitely, ensuring their long-term value. This durability removes the need for protective measures, such as storage, insurance, or specialised maintenance, that physical collectibles often require.

Immutable Authenticity through Blockchain:

Digital collectibles leverage the power of blockchain technology to establish verifiable authenticity. Each digital item can be traced and verified on a decentralised ledger, assuring collectors of their rarity and provenance. This eliminates the risk of counterfeit or fraudulent items entering the market, providing collectors with a higher level of confidence when purchasing digital collectibles. The blockchain's transparent and immutable nature adds a layer of trust and security to the collectibles industry.

Enhanced Interactivity and Utility:

Digital collectibles offer an interactive and immersive experience that physical collectibles cannot match. Collectors can engage with their digital assets in various ways, such as participating in virtual games, completing challenges, or integrating them into digital environments. This interactivity enhances the overall enjoyment and utility of digital collectibles, providing a dynamic and evolving experience for collectors.

Fractional Ownership and Accessible Investment:

Digital collectibles open up new avenues for fractional ownership and investment. With the ability to divide a single digital asset into multiple shares, collectors can participate in fractional ownership, enabling broader access to valuable collectibles that may have been out of reach otherwise. This fractional ownership model democratises the market, allowing enthusiasts to invest in high-value items without bearing the full cost of acquisition.

Global Community and Social Connection:

Digital collectibles foster a global community of collectors, bringing enthusiasts together from all corners of the world. Online platforms provide spaces for collectors to connect, share their collections, and engage in discussions, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie and that’s exactly what our new social platform aims to improve even further. The digital nature of these collectibles transcends physical boundaries, enabling enthusiasts to connect and form relationships based on shared interests. The features and user experience of the new Blockasset platform which will go live in late June 2023 will take the social aspect of sports collectibles trading and community to the next level.


The future of sports collectibles lies in the realm of digital assets. The ease of online trading, the durability of digital items, the verifiable authenticity provided by blockchain technology, and the enhanced interactivity and utility make digital collectibles a compelling choice for collectors. As the market continues to evolve, embracing digital collectibles offers an exciting and dynamic experience that resonates with the preferences of modern collectors. With its numerous benefits and potential for innovation, the era of digital collectibles promises to revolutionise the sports collectibles industry and at Blockasset we’re committed to innovation within the space, forever looking to improve our products, offerings and user experience, helping us to become the go to platform for sports collectors and enthusiasts around the world. 


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