Arsenal legend Bergkamp celebrated with special €8 note


Royal Joh. Enschedé, an Authentix company renowned for security printing, has collaborated with The Global Note B.V. to introduce the Golden Bergkamp commemorative banknote, paying tribute to football legend Dennis Bergkamp.

This limited-edition collectible, offered by The Global Note™ and designed by Royal Joh. Enschedé, features 23 carat gold, sophisticated microtext, and is exclusively available on

While not legal tender, it mirrors the security features of official currency and provides access to the "Dennis Bergkamp Experience" through augmented reality and a proprietary mobile app. Users can engage with Bergkamp's personal stories and experiences from his football career.

The note also comes with a digital twin on the platform, enabling owners to 'mint' it in their digital wallet within the metaverse, fostering collection-building and trading opportunities.

Rob Jansen, Bergkamp's manager, expressed, "The unveiling of this exclusive commemorative note is a testament to Bergkamp's lasting legacy in sport."

Gelmer Leibbrandt, Managing Director of Royal Joh. Enschede, highlighted the blend of traditional craftsmanship and digital technology in this unique collectible item, marking a new chapter for the company.

"For over 200 years, we have printed banknotes for central banks worldwide. However, with the Dennis Bergkamp note, we have entered a new chapter by blending the physical craftsmanship required for currency printing with cutting edge digital technology for the collectors and sports enthusiast market. We are extremely proud to produce this unique and rare collectible item."


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