Amazon NFT Marketplace To Reportedly Launch In April 2023

No official confirmation has been seen from Amazon yet, but sources reveal an April 2023 launch is targeted.

Sources have leaked information revealing that Amazon is set to release its own NFT Marketplace as early as next month

Sources suggest that next month, Amazon is planning to launch its NFT marketplace under the name "Amazon NFT Marketplace," which will reportedly have 15 NFT collections available immediately.

Sources have indicated that the tech behemoth Amazon is set to launch its NFT marketplace next month, which will include 15 NFT collections available at launch. The platform, known as the "Amazon Digital Marketplace," is scheduled to debut on April 24 and will initially be available to customers in the United States before being expanded to other countries.

Sources indicate that Amazon's NFT marketplace, named "Amazon NFT Marketplace," will reportedly feature around 15 NFT collections at launch, which will be accessible via the "Amazon Digital Marketplace" tab on the website. Customers will be able to purchase NFTs using only their Amazon account and credit card, making it easier for those without access to crypto wallets like Metamask to participate. According to reports, Amazon had planned to launch the NFT service in 2021, but the collapse of FTX delayed the launch.

Crypto Linked to Amazon NFT Marketplace

In January, Amazon Web Services partnered with Ava Labs to boost the adoption of blockchain technology. With the upcoming launch of its NFT marketplace, Amazon is taking a further step into the Web3 ecosystem, joining other tech giants such as Meta and Google.

CoinGape previously reported that AWS had partnered with Chainlink for a node-creation solution, and had also teamed up with public blockchain VeChainThor to offer blockchain-based carbon management services.

Earlier reports have also suggested that Amazon is pushing its Amazon NFT plan for launch in the next quarter. Amazon appears to be planning to make its customers play crypto games and reward them with free NFTs.


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