Adidas Reveals Sneaker Collab With NFT Artist Fewocious


Adidas, the global leader in apparel, has partnered with renowned digital artist Fewocious for an exciting sneaker collaboration, which will be made available through an NFT redemption pass.

In a celebration of the "art of play," Fewocious has joined forces with Adidas to create a limited edition NFT mint pass called "Trefoil Flower." This exclusive pass, consisting of 4,500 editions, will be exclusively sold on the OpenSea marketplace starting from June 22.

The NFT mint pass will act as a direct ticket for owners to claim a pair of specially designed physical sneakers named Adidas Originals Campus 00s. Starting from August, owners can initiate a process known as "burning," which involves permanently destroying the NFT. The shipping of the sneakers is expected to take place the following month.

To enhance the experience, each pair of physical sneakers will incorporate an NFC tag, a technological device commonly found in items like phones and contactless credit cards. This tag can be scanned to verify its authenticity and is connected to a corresponding NFT.

The release of the Trefoil Flower NFT will occur through a three-tier pre-sale, followed by a public mint. Owners of existing Adidas Alts Decos and Soles NFTs, as well as Fewocious Paint Drops, will enjoy early access to minting at a discounted price of 0.2 ETH (equivalent to approximately $350 at the time of writing).

Subsequently, owners of other Adidas Alts, Fewocious NFTs, and select NFTs from a predefined list, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, and Rug Radio NFTs, will have the opportunity to mint at a later stage for 0.25 ETH (around $435). The public sale will commence shortly after at the same price.

Decrypt attempted to reach out to Fewocious for comment regarding his artistic inspiration for the sneaker release. However, no response was received by the time of publication.

​​Victor Langlois, known by his artistic alias Fewocious, is a talented 20-year-old artist who identifies as transgender. His vibrant and playful artwork reflects a thematic style that embraces nostalgic childhood memories.

Over the past three years, Fewocious has made a significant impact in the NFT space and has emerged as one of the most prominent creators in the Web3 community. His lifetime sales have surpassed $50 million, and he has collaborated with renowned entities such as RTFKT (owned by Nike), esteemed auction houses Christie's and Sotheby's, as well as the David Bowie estate.

Adidas, recognizing the potential of NFTs, ventured into the space by acquiring a Bored Ape NFT in December 2021. They utilized this NFT to introduce the fictional character Indigo Herz. Since then, Adidas has actively participated in the NFT ecosystem.

Their collaboration with the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comic, and influential NFT figure gmoney, titled "Into the Metaverse" collection, has facilitated over $150 million in NFT trading volume. The collection allows holders to claim exclusive merchandise, and it has been a significant success for the brand. Building on this momentum, Adidas has recently launched the Alts project.

Following suit, another prominent apparel brand, Puma, has embraced the trend by initiating a physical sneaker campaign with NBA star LaMelo Ball and the NFT project called Gutter Cat Gang. The upcoming GutterMelo MB.03 sneaker, endorsed by Ball, will be available for purchase at $175 through an NFT pass.


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