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About Blockasset

For The Fans

Blockasset is an athlete-verified NFT and token ecosystem, enabling fans and athletes to connect like never before, via the power of Web3.

Harnessing the power of exclusive content, athlete experiences and an enthusiastic fan focussed community, Blockasset is creating the go-to social platform for athletes and sports fans alike.

At Blockasset, fans and athletes create a mutually beneficial relationship. Join the athlete’s journey, become a super-fan, and benefit from their success.

Our Roadmap


Tokens will adhere to this distribution. $BLOCK token holders govern the Blockasset eco-system. These are allocated to various purposes to build and grow the platform and power the marketplace.

  • 1.3%Public
  • 25%Foundation & Reserves
  • 25%Ecosystem Incentives
  • 12.6%Team
  • 12.5%Liquidity
  • 10%Partners, Advisors & Consultants
  • 9%Private (Round 1)
  • 2.5%Private (Round 2)
  • 2.1%Seed
Total supply320,000,000 tokens
  • Public
    1.3%4,294,872 $BLOCK Tokens
  • Foundation & Reserves
    25%80,000,000 $BLOCK Tokens
  • Ecosystem Incentives
    25%80,000,000 $BLOCK Tokens
  • Team
    12.6%40,160,000 $BLOCK Tokens
  • Liquidity
    12.5%40,000,000 $BLOCK Tokens
  • Partners, Advisors & Consultants
    10%32,000,000 $BLOCK Tokens
  • Private (Round 1)
    9%28,736,617 $BLOCK Tokens
  • Private (Round 2)
    2.5%8,000,000 $BLOCK Tokens
  • Seed
    2.1%6,808,511 $BLOCK Tokens

Our backers

We’re backed by some of the biggest names in crypto and we’re just getting started.

Our partners

We’re proud to have partnered with the best projects in the sports and crypto industry.


Join our Community

Join our super-fan community. Celebrate all things sports, crypto, and NFTs with like-minded community members.